The all too needed disclaimer before anyone who is opinionated begins to write.

Before I begin writing, let me throw out a little disclaimer, as so many people really need to do before they begin writing anything now a days.

Now, I know that there are many different religious views when it comes to matrimony, and there are many different religions in our culture. I am writing, and will be, from a reformed Christian perspective; one which believes in one God, who is triune, meaning He is three in one; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that the only way to Heaven is through brokenness and repentance of sin and full reliance on Jesus Christ and that Scripture is 100% inspired by God, and inerrant. That is the ground I will be standing on as I write. I believe that in general, I am able to step into other people’s shoes and understand why they believe the way they do, and I will strive to continue to do so, being gracious as I critique. Here is the reality, though. When it comes down to it, I know that everyone believes something and Christianity is what I believe in with my whole heart. So those who choose to disagree, I COMPLETELY understand. I disagree with a lot of things too. Actually, I expect that there will be MANY who disagree with my writings, but realize that by disagreeing, you are claiming a truth of your own. You are saying that you believe I am wrong and you are right (even if you don’t particularly know what that “right” may be except you don’t think it is what I have written). So before you are quick to take out your big guns, take a breath and try to remember that I am a human being seeking truth like you are. I am not ashamed to claim what I believe to be truth, but know that I have no vendetta against any one or any particular belief. I have friends who have such completely different views on life from mine that it is almost hard to get more polar opposite! So know that no view I have is a personal attack; it is me seeking and standing on what I personally believe to be truth. And with that said, I will post my first entry soon!

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