The Sanctity of Life

As I sat in church this morning, tears uncharacteristically streamed down my cheeks as I worshiped the Lord. The last few days of watching social media’s hyper-focus on abortion and “pro-choice” have infuriated me and ripped my heart to shreds. Today I was able to enter into the presence of the One in whose truth … More The Sanctity of Life

Not Even a Hint

Ever since I can remember, I was told by people around me that “True Love Waits,” meaning, if I truly love my future spouse, I will wait for them physically for marriage. This long held catch phrase has been taught by countless youth groups, small group leaders, mentors and overall, I think it is so … More Not Even a Hint

To the Mother, Daughter, or Sister Struggling with Pornography.

I recently had a friend come to me and ask if she could use my blog as a means to share her story, anonymously for now. Here is her powerful, heartfelt story and plea… I was trying to come up with an appealing, cute name for this blog, but the truth is, there’s no appealing, … More To the Mother, Daughter, or Sister Struggling with Pornography.

“Judge Not?”

“Judge Not.” You’ve heard it used for countless different reasons, situations and by all kinds of people; both those in the religious community to those who have absolutely no religious affiliation whatsoever.  With this being such a blanket statement, I began to ask myself a few years ago, is it truly a Biblical principle? Are we, … More “Judge Not?”