Catechism; of days gone by or a timeless discipline?

New City Catechism


The New City Catechism was introduced to Andrew and I at the Gospel Coalition Conference in Indianapolis, IN in April 2017.  This new Catechism was propelled into print by The Gospel Coalition, Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Pastor: Tim Keller), and Crossway.

Catechisms are simply Christian doctrine put into a short, concise question and answer format. They are wonderful tools for memorization and for helping create a theological foundation, and regardless of if you are one year old or ninety, this is a vital part of the Christian walk (Heb 5:13-14). I was raised on the theological wisdom of the Westminster Shorter Catechism and am still SO thankful for having those truths burned into my memory.

Below is a link to songs created from the words of the New City Catechism. The app is also an easily accessible way to get the Catechism and songs! Even though they are children’s songs, adults can learn so much from them if we allow these to become part of our homes. If you are looking for ways to intentionally discipline your children, especially from a young age, these songs are GREAT ways to have a lifelong impact in a fun way. Blast these in your home and at bedtime instead of lullabies!

< Side Note: Some Catechisms are not Biblically sound. Make sure to research the creators and content before exposing your family to them >

Recommended Catechisms for family and personal use: Westminster Shorter, Heidelberg, New City


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