To the Mother, Daughter, or Sister Struggling with Pornography.

I recently had a friend come to me and ask if she could use my blog as a means to share her story, anonymously for now. Here is her powerful, heartfelt story and plea… I was trying to come up with an appealing, cute name for this blog, but the truth is, there’s no appealing, … More To the Mother, Daughter, or Sister Struggling with Pornography.

“Judge Not?”

“Judge Not.” You’ve heard it used for countless different reasons, situations and by all kinds of people; both those in the religious community to those who have absolutely no religious affiliation whatsoever.  With this being such a blanket statement, I began to ask myself a few years ago, is it truly a Biblical principle? Are we, … More “Judge Not?”

Is Disagreement Hatred?

I grew up traveling the world…literally. My first overseas experience was at the age of 12 in India.  Over the next few years, my family visited Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, England and the United Arab Emirates, all before I graduated high school, and I’ve visited other Countries since then. While visiting these places, my parents intentionally … More Is Disagreement Hatred?