The Problem With Jen Hatmaker


Evangelical: One who bases their beliefs and teachings on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in God’s inerrant Word.

Jen Hatmaker is an author, speaker and blogger who has made her way into evangelical circles over the past decade. She recently came out in support of homosexuality, claiming that not only is it acceptable to the Lord, but that homosexual relationships can be holy.

Young moms and wives in particular have been eating up her books and teachings for years.  I personally wasn’t made aware of Jen until this last year. As I began looking into her teachings I grew concerned, seeing a large amount of self-help, feel good and watered down gospel “theology.” People may see this as harmless; it is not. A watered down, feel good view of Scripture has devastating consequences.

Women of God. Jen Hatmaker is why we should be theologians (Studiers of God).  Jen Hatmaker is why we need to be vigorous in our study of God and Scripture.  Without a firm foundation and understanding of truth, people like Jen slowly fog our minds; little by little polluting our understanding as to how important it is to stand on the Word of God alone.

Headlines in secular media read that an Evangelical has come out NOT ONLY in support of homosexuality, but she is claiming that those relationships can be HOLY. Let’s be clear. Jen Hatmaker is not an evangelical.  By it’s very definition, she has disqualified herself.

Women, may we become good theologians; searching out and grounding ourselves in Scripture, and not allowing ourselves or our children to be led astray by women like Jen.

The following link will direct you to a blog by the Gospel Coalition regarding Jen. I’d strongly urge you to read it for a more in depth, Biblical look at the truth about Jen Hatmakers concerning path, and while doing so, pray for Jen that her eyes are opened.

One thought on “The Problem With Jen Hatmaker

  1. Important to address and not always the popular stand… I’ve been so fascinated by this story and others like hers, how we go from truth to compromise and the way in which so many blindly follow… ugh. Thanks for posting

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