Three Things I’ve Learned About the Glory of God.

By: Pastor Jonathan Hayashi Just last year was the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which heralded The five solaes (sola, meaning “alone” in Latin), as the core foundation for the Christian Faith. These five truths are vital to understand because they separate Christianity from every other world religion. “Soli Deo Gloria” is Latin term meaning Glory to God … More Three Things I’ve Learned About the Glory of God.

The Sanctity of Life

As I sat in church this morning, tears uncharacteristically streamed down my cheeks as I worshiped the Lord. The last few days of watching social media’s hyper-focus on abortion and “pro-choice” have infuriated me and ripped my heart to shreds. Today I was able to enter into the presence of the One in whose truth … More The Sanctity of Life

Not Even a Hint

Ever since I can remember, I was told by people around me that “True Love Waits”– meaning, if I love my future spouse, I will wait for them physically for marriage. This long held phrase has been taught by countless youth groups, small group leaders, and Pastors.  Overall the idea that waiting until marriage to … More Not Even a Hint