Catechism; of days gone by or a timeless discipline?

  The New City Catechism was introduced to Andrew and I at the Gospel Coalition Conference in Indianapolis, IN in April 2017.  This new Catechism was propelled into print by The Gospel Coalition, Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Pastor: Tim Keller), and Crossway. Catechisms are simply Christian doctrine put into a short, concise question and answer format. They … More Catechism; of days gone by or a timeless discipline?

Practical and Pivotal Christian Disciplines

“When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone… two thinkers, you become confused… ten thinkers, you’ll begin developing your own voice… two or three hundred thinkers, you become wise and develop your voice.” ― Timothy J. Keller  So often when I ask someone what they are reading or who their favorite authors … More Practical and Pivotal Christian Disciplines

The Sanctity of Life

As I sat in church this morning, tears uncharacteristically streamed down my cheeks as I worshiped the Lord. The last few days of watching social media’s hyper-focus on abortion and “pro-choice” have infuriated me and ripped my heart to shreds. Today I was able to enter into the presence of the One in whose truth … More The Sanctity of Life